Drip Email Campaigns for Your Dance Studio

If you are using Studio Director software, setting up an automated email drip campaign is super simple and easy. If you are using another studio software inquire with them about if they offer this feature. You can also set up your drip campaign in an email service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact with a few extra steps on your part.

The purpose of a drip campaign is to create a clear path of communication and encouragement that moves your prospect to becoming a forever member of your studio family without extra time taken from you or your office staff.

Here’s an example of a sequence of automated emails to consider putting to use in your studio.

Prospect Welcome
This email automatically goes out to anyone that registers through your studio software or joins your email list whether or not they have enrolled in any classes yet. It thanks them for their interest in your studio, introduces you and let’s them know why your studio is a great option. It should also let them know exactly what to do next to get involved. Including some testimonials is a great idea. Your prospect should receive this immediately after registering their information with you.

Prospect Nudge
Ok, I know that isn’t a technical industry term, so no emails from the marketing gurus, please.
This email is going to give a little extra incentive to enroll in a class and a deadline to use the incentive, so that we can get our prospect to take action. It should land in their inbox within one week of registering.

New Customer Welcome
After a prospect enrolls for a class and becomes a customer, make sure they get a big thank you and congratulations right away. Be sure to include a few links to the info they need to have a happy and successful experience at your studio.

New Customer Online Access
About a week after a new family has enrolled, make sure that they know how to get to your online portal, get signed in, and take care of their account.

New Customer Survey
30 Days in give your new families a chance to tell you how they feel about their experience at your studio by setting up a quick survey. You can set up a survey for free in about 10 minutes on Survey Monkey.

Swipe templates for all of these emails for free here.

Save yourself time and money and look like the amazing studio boss that you are by setting up automated drip email campaigns this week!

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