DanceCuts | Music Editing

It is DanceCuts™ relentless mission to empower every dancer with the knowledge and tools needed to generate the perfect music bed for every dance routine. They provide the most convenient, stress-free, and easiest process for dancers to create seamless, high-quality edits and mixes. DanceCuts™ is the world’s most highly regarded editor to create edits and mixes for dance routines.

MIA KAY | Tendu by Miss Mia

Miss Mia Kay has been immersed in the dance world for over 20 years in many aspects including; student and professional dancer, instructor and choreographer, administrative assistant and full-time studio manager/director positions, to guest speaker. She has worked in administration and management in the dance world for over a decade. Five of those years were spent as Studio Manager for Colorado Ballet Society under the direction of Patricia Hoffman where Mia managed the studio and assisted in implementing Praise Dance Ensemble,Sparkle Dance Program Administrator, the Teacher Assistant Program, and the National Honor Society for Dance Arts Secondary Chapter.

While with Colorado Ballet Society, Mia aided in facilitating several teacher training workshops hosted at CBS including: Progressing Ballet Technique, ABT Teacher Training Workshop and Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training Workshop. She was also on the committee for Southern Colorado Children’s Arts Festival for several years where she coordinated local studios to perform each year.

In 2019, 2020, & 2022 Mia was a Guest Speaker & Keynote Speaker for Christian Dance Educators Leadership Summit (CDELS) founded, hosted and led by Ballet 5:8 (Julianna Slager) where she built connections all over the country and now assists studio owners locally, nationally and globally. Her goal for you is to assist you in achieving your vision of dance studio ownership, management, administration, instruction, or a career in dance from the beginning stages of planting a seed through the peak harvest of your business or abilities to implement habits, foster growth and AVOID burnout. Let’s get growing!

PROSODY | Performance Arts Management

With over 30 years of experience working as directors, choreographers and dancers, Abby and Kali know first hand how much work goes into creating beautiful, quality performances.   It’s a detailed process to take an artistic vision and produce a quality performance.

Finding solutions to the challenges of producing a recital or any dance performance is our goal.  We want to be your partner as you organize and create inspiring performances!

The beauty of the stage can be overshadowed by the headaches of the creative process and backstage stresses. We have solutions for the unique problems of the dance industry. Prosody lets you spend more time doing what you love and less time doing what you don’t.

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