What is Studio Planner Pro?

I have a life.  I do things that I enjoy and spend time with people that I love.  I work 20 hours per week in and on my studio.  I know that it can run without me whenever I want or need to not be there.

This is NOT where I started out.  But I want to help you get here FASTER.

There are so many things that we studio owners spend time one that are NOT our area of expertise.

How many hours of your life have you lost working on designing a newsletter or stressing over last minute recital issues?  I bet those things aren’t what motivated you to open a studio.

I have been working in the studio business for over 25 years.  I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I have owned my own studio for the past decade.  I have made a ton mistakes and had a ton of amazing victories.  I have learned how to delegate to increase profit, how to prioritize my time and how to balance my studio calendar so that there are no months of wondering how the bills are going to get paid and no weeks of stress all-nighters to pull the details of a recital together.

I want to YOU to have a life!  I want you to love the time that you spend working on and in your studio, and I want you to be profitable while you are doing it.

I am offering all that I have learned and all of the systems that I have tested and found to be efficient and profitable to you.  There is no way that a cash value could be placed on this.

Imagine, each week, receiving a clear and concise to do list to keep you focused and effective.  Now imagine that much of the work on that list is already done for you.  Now imagine that sigh of relief.  Your shoulders relax.  Your jaw unclenches.  You have visions of time spent doing your favorite things with your favorite people.   That is exactly what we are talking about here at Studio Planner Pro.

Each week you will receive “The Master Plan” email in your inbox.  It’s an easy to follow and super-efficient do-to list to keep you on track for sanity and profit from registration to recital and back again.  Weekly emails will include links to handy resources and templates for forms, marketing materials, parent, student and staff communications, monthly newsletters, financial spreadsheets and SO much more.  Studio Planner Pro has already done a ton of the work for you.  We will even include tips for you to help take care of yourself.

You deserve to have a life and a profitable studio that you love.

Right now, you can sign up for a 30-day trial absolutely free.  That’s 4 weeks of the “Master Plan” email for absolutely zero.

The “Master Plan” covers every aspect of running your business and creates time you to take care of yourself and your loved ones.  You are in the driver’s seat.  You pick from the list what makes sense for your studio.

Marketing-  We will show you how to keep the marketing energy year-round.  Generating evergreen enrollments, and making raving, loyal fans of your current families with whatever marketing budget you have.  You will receive beautifully designed templates for marketing materials that you can customize for your studio throughout the year.

Team- You will get tools and tips to help you lead, inspire and communicate clearly with your instructors and office staff.

Recital- Do you always have that big freak-out the week or 2 before recital when you realize that you still have SO much to do to get ready?  Studio Planner Pro will lay out a smooth plan of action for 2 recitals per year guaranteed to be freak-out free.

Office Admin- We all know that our studio parents get real cranky when our studio doesn’t seem organized.  It will lose you students faster than anything else.  Systems, checklists, timelines, clear communication with studio families.  All of the nuts and bolts of the day to day operations will be streamlined and optimized for your quick execution or easy delegation will be in your Master Plan email.  No more important actions slipping through the cracks.  Your studio families will marvel at what a well-oiled machine your front desk is.

Finance-  Do you know your numbers?   You cannot be successful in any business if you don’t.  It’s that simple.  Studio Planner Pro’s easy to use studio finance tools will ensure that you know your numbers and give you the tools to achieve your financial goals.

Self- You are your number one asset.  Studio Planner Pro is going to give you tools, inspiration, and time to take care of you.

Along with your 30 day free trial you will receive some special gifts that are yours to keep just to say thank you for sharing our mission as dance studio owners.

Sneak Peek of one of our Master Plan To-Do Lists

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