Top 7 Reasons Dance Studio Owners Should Automate Monthly Payments

If you are a dance studio owner and you are still entering checks, waiting around for credit card payments, or spending time chasing your money instead of creating an amazing dance education experience for your students, here are 7 great reasons to set up automatic monthly billing ASAP.

#7- The money arrives on time, so you can pay your staff, your bills and YOURSELF on time.

#6- Collection calls are uncomfortable for the caller and the “callee”.

#5- Not so good customers that would be a lot of work and NOT a lot of profit, will likely go elsewhere.

#4- Good customers that don’t squabble with you over your fees and due dates will love the convenience.

#3- Every call your office staff makes to current studio families that owe money, costs you money that you could be spending to acquire new students.

#2- Your mission is teach dance, not to spend time tracking down and entering payments.

#1- Time is the 1 thing you can’t get back. Don’t spend it doing things inefficiently.

Make your life easier and make your studio more efficient.

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