Keep Your Dance Students Excited and Motivated All Year

Are you taking full advantage of the opportunity to get your studio families and dancers REALLY excited about recitals? Recitals should be a profit cent for your studio. They should also be a motivational tool that keeps students engaged, focused and excited. Here are some tips to start the excitement early in your season and keep the energy going right up to showtime.

Reveal your theme early in the season.

Pick songs that your students are going to be excited to dance to.

Choose great costumes that dancers are going to love.

Put those gorgeous costumes into a costume preview book as soon as you reveal your theme. Make a few copies in a binder or have them spiral bound at your print center that can live in your lobby or at your front desk where dancers and parents can grab them and ogle over their costumes all season long. Here’s an easy template for your Costume Preview Book. You can easily duplicate the pages to add as many as your studio needs.

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