Offering a Professional Stylist for Dance Pictures and Performances

I started bringing in a professional stylist for picture days and recitals a few years ago as an experiment just to see if anyone was interested.  It turns out that moms gushed with gratitude, dancers looked awesome, and I made some additional revenue.  I have hired a stylist to come for recital pictures and shows ever since.  Adding the services of a professional for hair and makeup might be something to consider this year at your studio.  It’s easy to set up, and it will make you a hero while creating an additional revenue stream for your studio.

Here’s how I set it up…

Find a stylist or 2, or 3

It’s very likely that you have moms at your studio that are professional stylists that would be interested in the work.  If not, reach out to your own stylist or one that you know.  Make sure that the stylist that you bring in is good with kids (and moms!) and can do the hairstyles and makeup looks that you need for your shows and picture days.

Agree on their payment

Make sure that you communicate clearly about what and how your stylist(s) will be paid.  I pay the ladies that come in for our pictures and show days per appointment.  I charge $15 per 15 minute time slot.  Each time slot is for either hair or makeup since not everyone wants to have help with both.  However, many people do sign up for both and even additional appointments for hair changes.  I pay the stylist $10 for each appointment.  You can adjust this for your market, just be sure everyone is happy with the terms beforehand.

Set up appointments for easy signups

I then create the appointments right in my studio software.  I create time slots just like they are classes with only one spot available in each and parents can sign up for them online or at the front desk.  

Advertise in your “recital bible”

Hopefully you have a nice tidy recital handbook that contains every detail that your studio families need to know about every aspect of your recital.  (Grab a template here if you need help.)  I refer to it as the “recital bible” and I share it with our studio families in the form of an ebook.  It is also prominently located on our website so they can find it easily if they lose it.  I advertise our professional hair and makeup services in the recital bible and provide a link to set appointments online.  They fill up almost as soon as the recital bible gets emailed out.  

Have your “look book” handy

Hopefully, in addition to your recital bible, you have also provided a “look book” or costume preview book complete with information about what tights and shoes dancers should be wearing as well as how their hair should be styled and how hair accessories should be worn.  This makes it a breeze for your stylist to know exactly what each dancer needs to have done.

That’s it!  It’s an easy way to add a revenue stream to your recital season. Moms love it because they don’t have to stress about getting it right or fighting with their kid.  The dancers feel special and pampered, and they look great for their pictures and performances.  

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