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The easiest way EVER to get new students all year!



STOP THE PHONE TAG! Too many great prospects fall through the cracks and never get to find out how amazing your studio is if you’re relying on the old-fashioned phone call or email information request system to get new people in the door.

Wouldn’t you rather let people that are seeking you out book a trial instantly and watch your calendar fill up with trials… with no work except the initial set up and a few personal touches?

Before I started letting my prospects book trials through my website, I was using a system that was suggested by a well-known studio coach. It was so cumbersome that the steps never got followed all the way and my office staff was spending way too much valuable time doing steps that are now automated. The worst part was that, even with all that work, tons of my prospects vanished into thin air

As I write this guide for you, it’s late March. Many of my classes have stayed full, with wait lists, for most of the year. I am still getting new faces in the door on a daily basis. And those new faces are quickly become raving fans. In just one year of using this system, my enrollment increased 20 percent. I have to add more classes next year to accommodate for the demand.

You’re probably thinking that it’s something super complicated that you don’t even want to fool with. I assure you… If I got it set up, you can too. I am the least tech savvy person EVER. I even made detailed, easy-to-follow directions for you so that you can get it set up even faster than I did..


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