A Spooky Good Time for Cheap Dance Studio Marketing

Halloween can be a great time to do some inexpensive marketing and gain greater community awareness for your dance studio.  As you begin to feel the nip of fall in the air, it’s time to look for some community Halloween events to get your dance studio involved in.  

Trunk or treat events have become a popular way for kids to trick or treat safely.  They are held by churches, schools, community centers, etc..  Some of these events are elaborate with thematically decorated trunks.  Some are simple get-togethers.  You can find one to attend and have a trunk decorated to advertise your studio and hand out treats and a coupon with an irresistible offer.   It’s also likely that there are some people at your studio that will be involved in handing out treats at various trunk or treat events in your area that would be happy to hand out treats and coupons on your behalf. 

Start looking for a trunk or treat event in your area to be a part of as we enter October.  

Find an event to go to personally, and/or send out an email to studio families to let them know that you will provide the treats if they would be willing to hand them out along with your spooky good deal coupon at their trunk or treats.

No matter what time of year you’re creating a coupon, make sure it’s going to be effective by including the following…

A Benefit Based Headline

Get the attention of your coupon recipient with a very short statement that highlights the positive outcome that they will experience by bringing their child to your studio.  Example: See your little star shine!

An Eye Catching Image

Please note, this does not mean your logo.  Use an image that portrays the ideal students that you are trying to acquire having a great time in dance, preferably at your studio.  If you don’t have pictures like this yet, use a stock photo, but a great shot of your own students in your own studio is best.

An Irresistible Offer

Make your offer awesome and make it clear.  Example: One free week of unlimited classes.  Or: Buy one month, get one free.

A Call to Action

Create a deadline to get your prospects moving.  Put a clear expiration date in plain sight on your coupon.

Small Print

If there are parameters to your offer, be clear about them.  Let your coupon recipients know in the fine print if the coupon is for new students only, only good for certain classes, or any other limitations that you are placing on the offer.  Be careful here.  Any fine print should not be more than one short sentence.

A QR Code

Generate a QR code that will take coupon users to your website or a specific landing page where they can easily take advantage of your offer.  

Track Your Success

Using a landing page specific to your coupon offer so you can help you track the success of your campaign.  You can check your website analytics to see how many people visited the page and how many took advantage of the offer.

For more year-round marketing ideas for your dance studio go to www.studioplannerpro.com.

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