Anatomy of a Dance Studio Newsletter

Is your dance studio consistently communicating with its current and potential patrons in a predictable rhythm with a monthly newsletter?  Is your newsletter worth reading?  By that, I mean is it organized, aesthetically pleasing, informative, and entertaining.  Does it always contain something that makes people look forward to opening it?  Better yet, does it contain something that makes people want to share it?  

Members of Studio Planner Pro receive a Canva newsletter template every month that they can populate with the information about upcoming events, important dates and great news happening at their studio.  You can get ours or create your own, but be sure that you are providing your current studio families and your prospects with an exciting and informative newsletter every single month!  Let’s take a peek at the basic layout of the monthly template.


Your header should state the month and year of your newsletter, the fact that it is a newsletter and contain your studio logo.  You can make the header in your studio colors or the color theme of the rest of the newsletter if you switch up that theme from month to month.

Word From the Director

This is a great place to share excitement for the coming events and give a quick overall summary of the information that will be in the newsletter.  It’s also a great place to show gratitude for your  students and families, as well as talk about the progress of the current dance season.

News Articles About Recent Events

If something exciting happened within the last month, let your readers know about it here.  Did your dancers do a performance in the community, attend a conference or competition, resume classes after a break?  Include a fun picture and let your readers know.

News Articles About Upcoming Events

Now turn your attention to the future.  What events are coming up in the month of the newsletter?  Be sure to include the 5 W’s; who, what, when, where and why.  Also, HOW.  If it’s something that you want people to get involved in, sign up for, or purchase, be sure that you are crystal clear about HOW to do so.  Provide a link directly to where they can, RSVP, sign up, or purchase online.

Merch Orders

Do you have some seasonal or ongoing merchandise available for purchase?  Let your readers know.  If there is a deadline to order, be sure that’s clear.  If they can order online, which I highly recommend, provide a link directly to the online store.  


Everyone enjoys a happy birthday wish.  Dedicate a section of your newsletter to wishing happy birthday to every student with a birthday in the month of your newsletter.

Student of the Month

Highlighting a student in your newsletter for exceptional behavior, achievements, improvement, or a great attitude is a great way to foster a positive culture in your studio.  It sends a message about the kinds of students that you want at your studio.  It also often results in your newsletter being shared to everyone that your student of the month’s parents know.  Who doesn’t love to brag on their kids when they get recognized for something awesome.  

Student Accomplishments

Let your audience know that you’re also interested in what your students have going on outside of the studio.  Encourage families to keep you up to date about exciting things like good grades, a part in the school play, a scholarship, a ribbon at the 4-H Fair.  Whatever it might be, share the exciting accomplishments of your students. 

Teacher or Staff Spotlight

I might not include this section every month, but it’s a lovely addition to your newsletter to let your readers know that you have an amazing, professional faculty and staff.  If you have a new hire, let people know why they are worthy of working at your studio.  Get people excited about meeting them and being in their class or seeing them at the front desk.

Parent Shoutout

Parents need some love too.  Every studio has some parents that go above and beyond in helpfulness or spreading the word about what an amazing place your studio is.  Give them a shoutout once in a while to let them know that you noticed and appreciate their awesomeness!  It’s another great way to create a positive culture and get your newsletter shared outside your mailing or social media circle.

New Classes Starting

Of course, new classes are big news.  Let people know main details about any new upcoming classes in a couple sentences and provide a link where they can get the nitty gritty, like exact times, class description, and dress code.  Use a call to action in your article to get people moving.  Let them know the deadline to sign up and how few spots are going to be available.


Lastly, in your footer, you are going to let people know where you are, both online and physically.  At the bottom of your newsletter you will want to put quick links to set up free trials if you offer them, sign up for classes, login to pay your bill, and all of your social media accounts.  These can be small images that are links.  Additionally, your footer should include your studio’s name and physical address just as any professional letter would.

Your newsletter format may vary.  The most important thing is that your studio families and prospects can rely on you to keep them in the loop with on time delivery of clear info every month.  For more help, templates and free resources for busy dance studio owners, sign up for my weekly email at

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