How to Make Your Dance Students Love You Even More

Nobody grows out of loving to receive a birthday card in the mail. Kids especially get excited about receiving a special surprise in the mail on their special day. Set Up a student birthday card preparation system. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to let your students know that you care.

Here’s how.

  1. Get enough cards for at least a year. You can customize these designs from Studio Planner Pro and order on Vistaprint, or purchase generic cards at the store.

2. Have all of your teachers sign a big stack of cards.

3. Delegate the job of preparing the cards and mailing them every month to a staff member or helpful studio parent.

4. Make sure they know how to run a report of each month’s birthdays in your studio software, or have a system to quickly pull the info and get it to them.

5. Prepare all of the cards for the month at once and put the prepared cards into a tickler system and mail them so that they arrive as close to the students’ birthdays as possible. Make it extra special with a gift card for your boutique.

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